Why partner with us

In the past decade, Sensio Inc has engaged in various branding licensing partnerships by leveraging its expertise in product development and engineering. These relationships have helped give consumers exactly what they need in the categories they care about.

Private label

We have gained an expertise to analyze the marketplace at a macro and micro level to be able to offer our private label partners with a global strategic overview to ensure gains in market share.

Our various teams are able to create the right small kitchen appliance for the retailers' varied needs, from a true value product to generate mass volume to higher end units to fit in the retailers missing brand/pricing positioning.

And, most importantly our flexible nature allows for quicker turn around time which will generate profits sooner.

Our valued private label partners include Wal-Mart, JCPenny, Target, Shopko and Kohl’s.


Sensio Inc is constantly on the lookout for partners of various related kitchenware categories in order to further expand Sensio Inc’s market share in the retailer environment.

Sensio Inc Is currently proud to be associated with Edge, the makers of top quality microwaves. Edge is currently selling several models of their microwaves under the BELLA® brand.