Our Mission

Who we are

Founded in 2003, Sensio Inc has quickly become a dynamic force in the small kitchen appliance market. Sensio Inc’s strength lies in innovative and cost effective solutions through sleek designs, strong engineering & manufacturing. Our brands are fast growing due to trendy & relevant marketing approaches and effective distribution.

Sensio Inc has staff of over 70 people worldwide with offices in New York, Hong Kong and Montreal. Sensio Inc is proud to have a dedicated North-American Product Development & Marketing team, and Engineering team constantly involved in what Americans want and need for the ideal cooking experience.

Our in-house graphics team is a tremendous resource for flexible and speedy turn around time. While the team in Asia is in constant direct liaison with the factories that manufacture our products to maximize efficiency and guarantee quality.

Sensio Inc's small kitchen appliances and cookware can be found throughout North America. Various styles and models are carefully selected to meet the needs of consumers. Whether sold through national retailers, large department stores, specialty retailers, club, mass, discount stores, niche markets or via ecommerce channels, we offer what consumers want – style & functionality at reasonable prices.

What we do

At Sensio Inc our promise is to deliver best-in-class product with a value-added consumer experience all while being price competitive in the marketplace. Sensio Inc is constantly on the lookout for new designs, the latest cooking & manufacturing trends to make life easier for our consumers. But… we add another element to the equation; the small kitchen appliance has to also look good and fit to the consumers lifestyle. We offer a wide range of categories from coffee brewers, electric kettles, toasters, griddles, waffle makers, slow cookers, not to mention our latest pressure cookers and air fryers.

With Sensio Inc’s wide spectrum of brands we are able to meet the needs and desires of the ever evolving target market. Our own brands BELLA, Crux, Brim and Authentic Throwback Appliance Co. all offer distinctive appliances blending style, sophistication and function for the ideal kitchen experience. At Sensio Inc we have proudly associated ourselves with strong partner brands like Bialetti and Skinnygirl to perfectly round up our brand portfolio. Over the past decade we have quickly become one of the industry’s leading private label suppliers in the kitchen appliance arena with enormous success at the retail level. At Sensio Inc we continue to be committed to leading the way in the small kitchen appliance everchanging lifestyle.

Success Timeline